pagina in het nederlands    Keeping a ferret as a pet is not something you ‘just’ do…  
You can read here below what a ferret exactly is, why people choose for a ferret and especially when you should not choose to keep a ferret.
Read this page thoroughly through if you are thinking about keeping a ferret as a pet! Speak to your parents afterwards about all the pro’s and cons.

 What is a ferret? 
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In some books you can read about ferrets that live in the wild. But if you come across a ferret in the wild, that means, that the ferret has lost his owner. A ferret is namely
a pet. It is not that strange that people think that they have seen a ferret in the wild. They mistake polecats and Ermines as a ferret.
A ferret is
a predator. We know other pets that are also naturally predators. The ferret comes from the polecat family; just like the dog comes from the wolf family… the sable coloured ferret especially looks a lot like a polecat.

A polecat is an animal that gets active while it gets dark.
You will not see him much through the day. He will mainly be sleeping in his burrow. He searches at night for rats, mice, rabbits, birds, but especially lizards and snakes… A polecat is not a pet and you can not keep it as a pet.

A ferret is just like that very difficult word that is called
a ‘domesticated animal’. Domesticated animals are animals that are tamed to be pets. The ferret is a century old pet. The ferret was already kept as a pet, before the birth of Christ!

Thanks to Jennifer Gall
Thanks to Gennifer Gall...

Why do people love ferrets?...
Some people can not really understand why other people keep ferrets… This is mostly what I tell people when I explain what we like/enjoy about our ferrets:

Some people have ferrets to take part in ferreting
The most ferrets are kept because the owners have a need for company. Ferrets are also sometimes used to take part in
hunting for rabbits and rats. This is called ferreting. De hunter that uses the ferret to hunt for rabbits and rats is called a ferreter.
Rats and rabbits can bring great damage to for example sport fields or plantations. Owners call a ferreter sometimes to help. The ferreter takes care in advance that the ferret has eaten. The ferret will then only chase because of curiosity. If the animal is hungry, then it will at the prey will. The chances are greater then that the ferret with a full stomach will crawl into the rabbit burrow with fall asleep! The ferreter does not have a prey and has (for the time being) lost his ferret!!! The job of the ferret whilst ferreting is to chase the rat or rabbit out of his burrow. The prey will then be caught with a net or cage that is placed at the end of the passage.
Do you want to learn more about ferreting, check the page about

mocl.jpgWhen can you better choose not to keep a ferret as a pet!
If you don’t have much time, then you should not have a ferret as a pet. You should actually have no pets then. Every pet needs attention. Some need more than others. A ferret needs a lot of attention. Not the entire day, but certainly a few hours every day. More reasons are:

This animal can also do a pee or poop on places that you do not want him to do it! Or next to the litter box because it thinks its not clean enough…(they are
not always house broken)
You must adapt your house so that its ferret safe > close off cracks and holes, so that the ferret can’t crawl behind appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, stoves. A ferret kan also jump and climb very well and can cause damage to higher areas in your house!
If they are frightened they
can empty their anal gland. They then leave a very sharp smell behind (a sort of fart but then very disgusting!) that hangs in the air for a long time…
You have to
clean the litter box every day, give the pet food and fresh water. Clean the sleeping rags… a lot to take care of!
But on top of everything: pay very good attention while it plays. It is of course a pity if your parents stuff or your own toys get ruined. But that is not the worst: a ferret does really strange things, that it can also be a danger to itself!

Does it still look like amusing to have a ferret as a pet? Check one this homepage how to look after this animal…